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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The List Goes On.. and On..

Hubby promised me to buy new bags.. when the word 'bag' has an 's' at the end of it, it means I'll be having/buying more than just 'a' bag. hehe.

Hubby did asked me whether he can buy a BMW 335i Coupe instead of VW Passat and I nodded as I agreed with his choice. But in return, he wants me to buy a 4-doors car i.e Lancer GT. But then, i told him that I may not be interested in buying a new car for myself since I already have my own ~ A Myvi. I only insisted on modifying and maintaining the car perfomance and appearance.

But then he begged to but a 4 doors car ~ well, since he choose to buy a 335i COUPE! - which means, its a 2-doors car. thats y lah! [bukannya nak belikn kereta kat i pun actually..hehe]

Then i said to him, "I dont mind you nak beli 335i. but I want something in return other than a new car. I want Chanel GST and Gucci and LV Delightful and LV Speedy 30 and LV and Gucci and the list goes on and on.. hehe."

Nak tak nak, he has to agree with it. I've been eyeing for that Chanel bag since FOREVER! And please note that not a just bag! but a few bags.. hehehe

So, last night we had a meeting together ~ @ our very own room lah! mane lg kan? hehehe. I borwsed thru Gucci.com, LouisVuitton.com, and Glampot.. and had listed the following as my final.

Breath-taking! Chanel GST. Hubby cakap I he buy this for me, no more bags from him! If I want another bag, I need to get it by myself. Boleh tahan ke tak beli bag??? hehehe

All Time Fav! ~ in Damier Ebene

Gucci New Ladies Web. ~ A Steal!

Love this. Preferably in Damier Azur.

Gucci Jockey ~ Stunning!

Gucci for Unicef - Limited Edition in Grey Guccisima.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

He makes me smile.. Again.

I was at the corner of my room when I received an 'sms' from Mr Ridz that sounded like this.
"I dah masukkan kain. Dah gantung kat balcony dalam. and then, ada rezeki nanti kita gi honeymoon kat Milan and Krabi ok. U google la mana-mana tempat yang best2 lagi ok. Love you B." [tadi hujan ok! Im not that kejam suruh suami angkat baju dr ampaian..hahaha]
I was mad at him. But when I received this sms, I smiled again. He makes me smile again despite of him being away for a while. :) Thank you sayang. Sebab masih ingat pada wife you yang lonely ni. [well..not so lonely lah. Tigra was beside me while i was typing this entry]
But instead of replying "thanks" to him. or anything like "ok" at least.. Something had crossed my mind. Oh, no! I cannot take any leave without my boss permission! I cannot go for honeymoon if there is no one to replace me for court's trial! Damn.. Suddenly, I hate my job! I then replied him, "I tak boleh cuti la B. I tak boleh gi honeymoon this year."
But, he still can calm me down by repling "Boleh... I akan uruskan pasal cuti tu.." but how??? I said this to myself. After a few minutes, he texted me again with this "Kereta I, BMW 325i or Passat CC. Kereta you, Golf GTI or Lancer GT ok.. :)" and he makes me smile again. :)))))

Friday, July 2, 2010

How Time Flies!

Today marks the 9 months of our married life. How time flies! and in only less than 3 months, it'll mark our 1 year of marriage. I woke up this morning with the thought that, If i got pregnant on our 'first night', by now I must have delivered our baby. hehehe... With a smile on my face, I 'sms'ed him when he was away, "Kalau dah delivered, mesti meriah kan raya tahun ni. Ada 3 of us [3 stooges] in the picture!" :P
Only God and my hubby knows how badly I need it. Not only for me, but also my hubby. We love children very much. To the extend that we always asked for our friend's babies to be brought home. But hey! sape nak bagi orang lain jaga anak sendiri kan? Bongeks! But deep inside my heart, I always tell myself that I will get pregnant eventually. Its sooner or later. Its all about rezeki and I know that Allah has great plans for me.
Hubby always told me, it doesn't matter whether we have children or not, his love for me will always be the same. There's one day where I found out that I have problems with my kidney and how I refuse to take on my medication just because I am so afraid of not getting pregnant. Then, he calm me down by saying that "I takde anak pun takpe sayang, janji I ade you. You mean the world to me." Up until now pun, he keeps on saying/telling about this to me. And everytime he said this to me, I would cry on his lap asking for his forgiveness. - tula, taknak jaga kesihatan lagi. When you've found a great guy, there's always something bad happen right? Just like my situation now. Well, every wives has a great hubby, right? and for that, I think I have to recite "Syukur Alhamdullillah" to Allah for giving me a great Hubby!
Syukur! Amin.
I Love My Hubby, and most of all... I Love ALLAH.