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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


You may be thinking about having children. When planning for a baby, you should evaluate both you and your partner's lifestyle to make sure you are both in the best physical and emotional shape. If you are planning a pregnancy, this should be done at least one month, but preferable three months, in advance. Before pregnancy, you should:

1. Quit smoking, doing drugs and drinking alcohol
2. Be at an ideal weight and eat healthy meals
3. Have an IUD removed and do not take birth control pills

Most women do not know the actual date of conception, but they do know the date of their last menstrual cycle. This is the point from which a pregnancy is dated. Your due date will help your doctor determine when to do certain tests and to evaluate the growth of your baby. Day one of your cycle is the first day of actual menstrual bleeding. This is when the lining of the uterus is shed. Around day five of your cycle, an egg begins to mature inside of a fluid-filled sac inside of one of the two ovaries. Around day 14, the sac ruptures and releases the egg. Because ovulation normally occurs around day 14, a missed menstrual period about two weeks later will indicate pregnancy.

After ejaculation, millions of sperm travel from your vagina to the fallopian tube. Only a few hundred make it to the egg and release enzymes that will allow one of the sperm to penetrate the egg's protective coating. Once one sperm has penetrated the egg, a change takes place and no other sperm can get inside. This is the moment of fertilization. The body of the sperm then dissolves and the DNA from the sperm fuse with that of the egg. Because pregnancy is dated from the first day of your last period, for the first two weeks of pregnancy you're not actually pregnant. Your baby will be conceived by the end of the second week.

Most women do not even know that they are pregnant at this time because they have not missed a period. Even though you are considered three weeks pregnant, your baby is in the first week of development. At this point of the pregnancy, the fertilized egg is very small and does not look like a fetus or a baby. The fertilized egg is actually a group of cells that continues to multiply and grow very quickly. The fertilized egg divides within a few hours to give a two cell zygote, then a four-cell zygote and after about four days a blastocyst. The blastocyst has approximately one hundred cells! It is size of the head of a pin and is about 0.006 inches long. Even though just a few days old, all DNA information is already there, telling your baby what color of hair to make, what sex to be, and even hair texture, eye color, height, and weight (to a certain degree of course). Amazing stuff isn't it!

Even though you might not know you are pregnant, there is a lot going on inside of you right now! The sperm has fertilized the egg and your baby's sex is determined at the time of fertilization! A Y-chromosome-bearing sperm will produce a baby boy and an X-chromosome-bearing sperm will produce a baby girl. You may have been aware that you were ovulating, but it is too early for you to notice too many changes. Your breasts have not yet started to enlarge and you are not getting any larger yet. However, sometimes women do notice some slight bleeding or spotting when the fertilized egg implants itself in the uterine cavity.

Think you might be pregnant? Check out the early signs.

Missed a period
It’s the most obvious sign of pregnancy so if you’re unusually late it’s worth taking a pregnancy test.

The classic sign? Morning sickness!
Morning sickness affects everyone differently – you could feel nauseous or physically sick. It can start a few weeks after conception or even after just a few days. If you’re very lucky, you won’t experience it at all. It’s not a very well described symptom – it can strike at any time of day or night, not just in the mornings!

Going to the toilet a lot!
If you notice you’re constantly running to the toilet, this could be a good sign that you’re pregnant. All of the hormonal changes your body goes through during the first trimester can make toilet stops more frequent.

Feeling tired?
One of the most common early signs of pregnancy is a feeling of complete exhaustion. It happens as a side-effect of a rise in the levels of the hormone progesterone in your body. So if there’s no other real reason for you to be so tired, check the other symptoms here to see if you could be pregnant.

A funny taste in your mouth
Some mums say that when they first became pregnant they got a funny taste of metal in their mouth. Other women develop an unexpected dislike for something familiar, like fish.

Changes to your breasts
The skin around your nipples is called your areola and one sign of pregnancy can be that it becomes noticeably darker and bigger.

Unexpected bleeding or cramps
Your fertilised egg will travel from your fallopian tubes and settle in your uterus to grow. This is known as implantation and happens between weeks 3 and 4. Implantation sometimes causes side effects, including cramps and some light spotting that’s red, pink or brown in colour.

Confirm your suspicions with a pregnancy test
Of course there’s only one real way to be sure you’re pregnant. You can get a reliable positive result using a home pregnancy test from the first day of your missed period.

Working out your ovulation cycle

If your health and nutrition check-up conditions are up to scratch, then it’s time to learn more about when your body releases your egg – otherwise known as your ovulation cycle. This helps you know the time when you’re most fertile.

• When do you ovulate?: Your periods happen around every 23 to 35 days and you're most likely to ovulate roughly two weeks before your period, although it varies, woman to woman. Most women have a 28-day cycle and ovulate around day 14.

• Ovulation signs: When you're ovulating you might notice your vaginal mucus increases and becomes gluey or like egg white.

• Recording your temperature: Important ovulation signs also include clear changes in your body’s temperature. You can predict your ovulation cycle by taking your temperature. It drops just before and rises after ovulation has taken place but you need to record it at the same time every morning, before drinking, eating or getting out of bed.

• Buy a predictor kit: You can buy ovulation predictor kits at large pharmacies or most large health stores. They contain sticks that you use to test your urine, a bit like a pregnancy test.

• Have sex regularly during your fertile period: When you think you’ve spotted all your ovulation signs, it’s time to have plenty of sex! This will boost your chances of conceiving, especially as sperm can survive for up to 7 days so are more likely to connect with the egg, which only survives unfertilised for up to a day.
*source taken from: www.dumex.com.my

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bukan seperti yang kau sangkakan...

Salam semua...
Aku ade duit.. Cuma aku taknak habiskan.. Kalau dulu boleh lah habiskan.. tapi reception dah makin dekat.. Emergency money perlu ada sebab ko takkan tahu ape hidden costs yang ko perlu keluarkan di saat2 akhir.. So kalau ko ingat aku mengadu kat blog ni aku 'takde duit' means betol2 aku takde duit ok..
Aku bukan macam ko nak declare berapa banyak harta aku ade.. Baik kat blog ni mahupun kat Facebook ataupun Friendster.. hahahaaaa.. Tak tahu lah ko ade baca tak bendalah blog ni.. Tapi if u do.. Aku sekarang suka tengok ko punya telatah yang macam dengki dengan aku kan..
One good thing is that.. there are times aku pokai dari segi kewangan.. Tapi.. aku takde la nak declare2 aku minta duit dari laki aku ni... Takde duit means.. aku dah guna duit untuk persiapan wedding aku.. Takde la sbb aku makan kat tempat mewah ke ape ke..
Kalau setakat makan kat tempat mewah dah menunjukkan yang aku ni kaya raya..hahaah..agak menggelikan jugak la.. sebabnya.. ko tahu ke aku punya selera kat tempat yang mcm mana?
"Siapa makan cili dia terasa pedasnya..."
Absolute Biel

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sekitar Pernikahan...

Mampos ko la.. Busybody..

Malas aku nak layan ko punya kerenah... Suka hati ko la... nak cakap ape... Semua orang berubah ikut peredaran masa.. ko je yang stuck-up tak leh nak terima perubahan orang lain... :P
Absolute Biel

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Wedding Ring...

Salam semua....
Bukan nak menunjuk ok... Cuma ingin berkongsi kegembiraan ini... Inilah cincin yang menjadi saksi cinta dan penyatuan kami... Adore Collection from Habib Jewels... Mungkin design ini biasa sahaja bagi sesetengah orang but... This is my idea of a PERFECT wedding ring...

** Sori gambar kureng jelas...

Saya suka... suami pun suka... hehe... KAMI BAHAGIA!!

ini iklan weight gain..haha!

Saya kini FULL-TIME memakai hijab...huhu!


Absolute Biel

Saturday, October 17, 2009

17 Oktober 2009... Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan & KLCC

Salam semua...
Hari ini.. 17 Oktober 2009.. Saya dan suami seawal pagi dah sibuk2 iron baju untuk aktiviti kitorg hari ini.. haha.. Saya sibuk mix n matchkan baju saya dan si suami pula sibuk cari baju2 yang dia masih boleh muatkan.. hee..
Suami.. semalam lagi dah ingatkan hari ni ade 'open house' yang perlu dihadiri dan dia janji dengan saya selesai je pergi open house kat Kg Pasir, dia akan bawaa saya tengok movie dan jugak window shopping.. ye la... since kahwin, dah lama kami tak pergi window shopping..hee..dia tahu minat saya pada shopping.. But pas nikah ni, saya pula dah hilang minat sikit.. mana taknya, fikirkan komitmen masa depan yang sedang menunggu saya ni.. Jadi, lebih baik saya berjimat dari sekarang kan..
Pergi open house lepas Zohor... Saya kenakan baju kurung chiffon plain warna merah hati.. dan berhijab warna sedondon..Suami pula, lebih selesa dengan kemeja hitam kegemaran dia.. Saya tak kisah, janji dia suka...
Sebelum pergi.. Suami ade request pada saya.. Dia nak beli t-shirt... Sedih saya dengar, nak2 lagi hari lahir suami dah makin hampir [21/10/09] Saya mati kutu.. Dalam hati, "btol ke dia nak baju baru ni??" ... Saya terkilan, sbb saya sibuk sangat sampai tak ada masa nak belikan hadiah hari lahir dia.. Macam mana ni??
Lepas pergi open house, suami terus bawak saya pergi jalan2 kat KLCC... Ramainya orang.. yela, hari ni kan Deepavali.. Sampai je terus beli tiket "Cloudy with A Chance Of Meatballs" Best sangat citer tu!!! then,after beli since movie pun started at 8p.m, saya dan suami pergi window shopping.. tengok itu, tengok ini... Tetibe nampak butik Ed Hardy dah buka... Saya terus tarik tangan suami.. Saya adela terbekenan dengan 1 tshirt ni.. blink2 gitu!.. Tapi mak aiii..harganya jangan cakap la.. RM9++ kot.. gila apa.. untuk sehelai tshirt kain nipis tu je.. harga dah macam tu.. saya lebih sanggup beli tshirt AX dari habis almost 7x ganda duit saya on Ed Hardy... Terus saya batalkan niat nak beli untuk suami,, Sebab kewangan kureng mengizinkan sejak2 pas nikah ni..
Sorry Hubby... Isterimu ini, tak seberapa mewah macam setengah isteri orang lain sayang... Isterimu ni baru je grad and baru je nak meningkat naik dalam kerjaya.. Nanti dah stabil anything u want/need, i'll buy it for you ye sayang,, Mungkin saya perlu fikirkan hadiah yang lain.. saya buntu! Tapi bagi bunga and dinner for two pun beres aja kan??? haha...
Seterusnya, pukul 11 malam baru saya dan suami pulang ke rumah.. But Suami cuma sempar hantar saya kat depan pagar rumah... Sebab tetibe je kawan dia call nak buat meeting... Jadi dia tinggalkan saya sorg2 di rumah.. Sobb!! kena tinggal lagi.. uhuk! Saya pun naik bosan.. layan la Jerry McGuire... Leading role, Tom Cruise dan Renee Zellweger.. best lagi!!!!! huhu...
Now..saya menaip lak entry ni.. dan mula hilang idea nak citer ape... heeeee...Mungkin waktu tidur saya sudah tiba... Till then, BYE readers!!!
Absolute Biel

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hari Ke-13

Salam semua....
Hari ni masuk hari ke-13 kami sah menjadi suami isteri... Tak banyak benda berlaku... Cuma yang pasti kami masih berjauhan... Suami di KL, saya di Melaka...
Hari ni hari Jumaat... Ade la mood sikit untuk post entry nih.. hehe... petang nanti lepas waktu kerja saya akan terus shoot balik ke KL... Suami akan ambil saya di Subang sbbnya saya balik KL dengan Jaja... Jadi drive kete Jaja dan sampai di Subang, suami dah sedia menunggu... Thanks to Jaja dearie.. Tak terbalas budi kamu...
Hari ni kerja pun tak banyak.. IP dah saya minit dan sedia untuk direkod keluar... Cuma ada certain2 IP yang perlukan banyak masa untuk saya teliti.. Bukan malas, cuma takut tersalah baca / buat keputusan... Hurm... Macam ni la susah kerja saya.. Saya perlu pastikan keadilan diberikan kepada semua pihak... Kadang2 ada doubt juga dengan keputusan yang saya buat ni.. Tapi setiap kali macam tu, saya pasti tak lupa untuk bincang dengan ketua saya mahupun dengan rakan sekerja.. Mereka yang banyak membantu...
Hurm... saya pun tak tahu tulis ape sangat.. Cuma jari2 saya ni ngidam nak menaip entry pada hari ni..
Oh ya.. Lagi satu saya ingatkan pada pembaca... Kalau rasa geli dengan luahkan / cerita hidup saya ni.. please...please...please jangan baca blog saya ni... Bukan apa, saya tulis berdasarkan apa yang saya nak tulis... dan selagi saya tak mengganggu hidup orang lain, selagi itu tiada apa-apa yang perlu di perkatakan..btol kan?
Saya agak terkejut [saya tak terkilan pun...] kerana ada orang yang membaca blog ini dan terus gunakan bahasa yang pada saya agak kurang ajar / sensitif... Siapa kamu untuk menghakimi hidup rumah tangga saya? Hanya saya mengenali suami saya... Dan begitu juga sebaliknya... Dan bukannya KAMU yang sentiasa tak puas hati dengan hidup orang lain...
Tapi tidak mengapa... Mungkin kamu belum lagi mengecap bahagia... Jadi saya maafkan... Cuma pesan saya, jangan baca lagi blog saya selepas ini...
OK..saya rasa itu saja yang saya ingin tulis dan luahkan pada entry kali ini... till then, bye!
Absolute Biel

Sunday, October 11, 2009

1 minggu sudah berlalu...

Salam semua...
Dah lama saya tak update blog ini.. rasanya sudah hampir 1 minggu saya biarkan blog ini bersawang.. heee..
Maaflah.. bukanlah saya dah hilang mood untuk ber'blogging' sejak bersuami ni.. Cuma saya kurang sihat.. Dah dekat 5 hari saya demam.. mulanya sakit tekak je.. tapi bila dah start masuk kerja, saya mula demam..
Sedih! masa start demam.. saya di Melaka.. Suami pula di Kuala Lumpur.. Sangatlah sedih.. suami nak datang Melaka tapi saya cakap tak perlu.. sebab taknak susahkan dia.. saya pendam je kesihatan saya ni dari orang lain i.e kawan sekerja... sebab bukan apa, nanti kena usik macam2 lak.. heee
Balik je Melawati, demam saya makin teruk sampai lah ke saat ini.. [demam pun still boleh update blog ke???] ni pun.. saya tengah habiskan masa depan tv gak ni.. Suami saya? kat sebelah saya la.. Dia tengah layan G-Force.. Ketawa tergolek2.. haha! sian dia.. siang malam, tengokkan saya.. Jaga saya sampai tak cukup tidur.. Malam2 saya merengek macam budak kecik.. kesian kan?? tapi tula.. saya memang tak dapat tidur nyenyak...
Esok pulak keje.. demam masih belom ok.. dan sekarang tengah berkira2 esok boleh masuk kerja atau tak.. tengok macam mana pagi esok.. huuuu..
ok lah..saya nak pergi sidai kain lak.. banyak keje rumah yang tertangguh,, maklumkah.. saya di Melaka.. suami sorang2 di k.l.. sian dia.. tak terurus saya tengok.. sedih! dahla hujung ni sibuk dengan undangan open house je.. ok la.. Gudnite all!

Absolute Biel

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Akad Nikah 3 Oktober 2009

Salam semua...

Alhamdulillah.. pada 3 Oktober 2009, Sabtu yang lalu, kami telah selamat diijabkabulkan dan aku kini sah bergelar isteri kepada Mohd Ridzuan bin Abdul Gaffur...

Setelah bertahun-tahun menjalankan tanggungjawab aku sebagai seorang anak dan juga kakak.. Kali ini, tanggungjawab aku telah bertukar kepada seorang isteri pada suami...

Harap kalian doakan kesejahteraan rumah tangga kami.. Amin...